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WhiteSpace Design Creates Attention Getting Materials for the National School Food Drive Launch

When new Massachusetts-based nonprofit, Schools Serve, was ready to launch their National School Food Drive, they turned to WhiteSpace Design to take the lead on all their marketing materials.

“We are very picky when it comes to the Schools Serve brand and have definite ideas about the look and feel we are going for in all the marketing pieces,” said Sue Dunn, VP of Marketing for School Family Media, the founding partner and marketing arm of Schools Serve. “Our goal was to get schools excited about connecting their food drives to our national effort and we especially wanted our school marketing materials to speak to kids. That required creating a contemporary, cool look that kids could relate to.”

WhiteSpace designed in-school flyers and posters, bookmarks, box labels, letterhead, envelops and a shipping box with unique Schools Serve branding on it. “We really wanted to get schools pumped about receiving these materials and we feel WhiteSpace Design delivered exactly what we were looking for…professional quality pieces that would speak to a young audience.”

Recently Tim Sullivan, founder Schools Serve, was interviewed on a local Boston Fox News Morning show which featured some of the marketing materials that WhiteSpace created. Watch Video. “We were so excited when we saw this clip and saw how great the marketing materials looked on television,” Dunn commented. “It was like…wow, those pieces really pop and they are going to look great hanging in the hallways of schools across the country and for us, that’s what it’s all about – getting schools excited to be part of this nationwide food drive effort.”

“One of the reasons we like working with Chad at WhiteSpace is that he listens very carefully to our input and direction in regards to what we are trying to achieve,” Dunn continued. “Then he brings his own unique talent and creative perspective to the process. The result is a visual representation of our brand that hits the nail on the head and reinforces what we are all about…schools coming together to help feed the hungry and the power of kids helping other kids.”

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