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100% Natural Herbal Remedy Kit

Alpine Herbs Hires WhiteSpace Design to Create Packaging and Product Labels for Their New Herbal Remedy Kit.

Alpine Herbs, a local Tucson, AZ company has created a unique and 100% natural Herbal Remedy Kit that can be used for everyday bumps and bruises. WhiteSpace Design had the privilege to create the packaging and product labels or this great company.

Alpine Herbs philosophy is a holistic approach to healing while using nature’s miracle herbs. All of their products are free of preservatives, fragrances, artificial colors, and chemicals. Plus they are cruelty free so our products are never tested on animals.

For more information visit: www.alpineherbs.com

WhiteSpace Design, 520.319.0020, 4114 E. 1st Street, Tucson Arizona, 85711